for Indivduals...

In my practice I see adolescents and adults dealing with a range of issues. I specialize in treating trauma survivors of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, as well as those with anxiety disorders. I have also helped many clients to cope effectively with anger, depression, feelings of isolation, being different, relationship difficulties, and loss.

The benefits of counseling may be that you will better be able to express you needs without guilt, fear, or shame. This can facilitate more enjoyment in your life and relationships. Another common benefit is to better understand your personal goals and values, creating more satisfaction as you walk through the world.

While I have extensive training in psychodynamic/relational models of working, I tailor my approach depending on the needs of the client. With some clients I use mindfulness-based mediation techniques to facilitate an embodied experience and develop new coping skills. Regardless of methods used, my core principle is to create a safe place where all parts of the self are welcome. Clients have said I am engaged, perceptive, non-judgmental, and effective.