Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Classes

Minding Your Mind:How to Reduce Stress,Improve Connection and Efficacy
in Eight Weeks.


Try a 8-week course that will teach you how to relate differently to the stressors in your life. It is modeled after the mindfulness-based stress -reduction work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, from the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.


Fall Class Offering: 
Monday evenings
,October 15th to December 3rd,2012,7-9:30 pm plus a daylong session Saturday,November 17th (9:30 –3:30pm).

North Oakland location

How does mindfulness help?

Mindfulness is a practice of being aware of the present moment, with intention, and without the filters of judgement. It is available to all of us at any time, yet it can be very hard to cultivate in our stressful  24/7 lives.  Pressures to do more, be more, and have more create significant challenges in our staying connected to ourselves and our loved ones. The results of living this way? More stress, which equals more mental and physical health problems for us.   Decades of research have now shown that mindfulness has far-reaching health benefits. To name a few:it can improve our ability to regulate emotions, change patterns of thinking,perceiving and behaving,and increase our sense of self acceptance and joy.  It currently treats and prevents depression and anxiety relapse,actually changing the imbalance of circuits in the brain.  New findings in neurogenesis and neuroplasticity are now suggesting that mindfulness practice can actually change brain pathways. Amazing.

Only when we integrate mindfulness into our lives can we experience its full potential.  Give this ancient but well-documented practice a try!

The course will include:

  • What mindfulness is and how it applies to everyday life
  • Gain skills to manage aversive states of mind and difficult mood swings
  • Improve concentration and creativity
  • Learn how to relate to yourself and others with less judgment
  • Lecture, experiential learning, and group discussions

This is a supportive class environment where we will practice mindfulness skills and learn that we have more choice in how we deal with stress than we think!

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